How to Become a Member

Become a member of the Iowa Association for the Education of Young Children today! Membership with Iowa AEYC automatically makes you a member of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), which is the world’s largest early childhood organization. 

Benefits of Being a Member

All Iowa AEYC members, regardless of category receive the following benefits:


Nothing is more important to us than advocating on behalf of educators, the profession, and the young children who benefit from high-quality early education. There’s strength in numbers—
together we can make a difference at local, state, and federal levels.


It’s easy for members to connect and share with, learn from, and grow with each other. Educators at all levels benefit from the endless networking opportunities available. Connect at in-person or virtual events, via social networks, or through HELLO, NAEYC’s digital online community.


Stay current on the latest trends and issues shaping the early learning profession. High-quality, research-based books, magazines, blogs, research, and more, keep members informed and aware of what’s happening in the field.

Professional Development

Take your career to be elevated to the next level with professional development opportunities. We offer unparalleled in-person training opportunities, webinars, and on-demand courses – resources to make sure you receive the training you need.


Get discounts for Iowa AEYC and NAEYC conferences, professional development workshops, and NAEYC resources.

Current membership categories & annual dues

BenefitEntry ($30)Family ($35)Standard ($69)Premium ($150)
AdvocacyAdobeStock 503950945 AdobeStock 503950945AdobeStock 503950945AdobeStock 503950945
Digital Articles
from YC & TYC
AdobeStock 503950945AdobeStock 503950945AdobeStock 503950945
AdobeStock 503950945
Print Subscriptions
to YC & TYC
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Access to YC Digital ArchiveAdobeStock 503950945AdobeStock 503950945
Complimentary NAEYC BooksAdobeStock 503950945
AdobeStock 503950945
Online NetworkingAdobeStock 503950945AdobeStock 503950945AdobeStock 503950945AdobeStock 503950945
Online CoursesAdobeStock 503950945
AdobeStock 503950945
NAEYC Store, Insurance, and Retail DiscountsAdobeStock 503950945AdobeStock 503950945AdobeStock 503950945AdobeStock 503950945
NAEYC Event Discounts
(all membership levels receive Iowa AEYC event discounts)
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Make a difference by participating in advocacy events or joining one of our Professional Engagement Groups.

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Your donation supports training and professional development initiatives and connects early childhood educators to tools and resources.

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Connect with other early childhood educators in your area and take part in professional development opportunities.